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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Lessons learned from The Oscars!

It has been a few days since The Oscars were televised, but I cannot seem to shake some of things I saw on the show that were clearly 'pageant lessons'! I wanted to share those with you today...these are my TOP FOUR LESSONS LEARNED FROM THE OSCARS:

1. Always say 'thank you' so we know when you are done.
Some people gave great speeches on stage and we were completely mesmerized with them and then they just paused and walked away. This is just like when you are doing your on-stage (speaking) presentations at a pageant - say 'thank you' so the judges know you are done. Otherwise, there is just that awkward moment of ' that it? Ok, yes, I think that's it."

2. Make sure you gowns are the correct length.
For heavens sake, visit a seamstress and make sure your gown is the right length. There is no excuse for having to hold up your gown on stage. In this particular case, maybe her gown was borrowed, but seriously, if you are competing, visit a seamstress and try your dress on (with your heels on) and have it altered. Walk around in it and really test if you could practically float on stage when walking. If not, it needs to be hemmed. Gowns are designed for models that are 5'7" and taller...the gown was not made precisely for you, but you can make it look like it was.

3. Enjoy the show entertainment.
Many pageants provide entertainment of some sort - singers, dancers, etc - even while contestants are on-stage. In some pageants, someone may sing directly to you. I encourage you to not be the girl who ignores the entertainer - enjoy that person! At the Oscars, Jennifer Lawrence (on live television) refused to participate in Pharrell Williams' "Happy" performance, whereas Lupita + Meryl + Amy just jumped up and joined in for the sake of the show. Don't be rude and don't let the performer feel like you don't like them. And yes, the judges are still watching.

4. "No matter where you are from, your dreams are valid".
Yes, Lupita hit the nail on the head with this one. Never forget why you are competing in the pageant - never forget who you are, where you come from, and where you plan to go. It is this authenticity that will take you farther than any crown, sash, and title will. And yes, it helps when the girl crowned is a 'real girl'.

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