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Monday, November 17, 2014

Winning Hearts and Minds of the Judges

Communication comes in both words and deeds, and the latter are often the most powerful form. Nothing undermines you more than behavior that is inconsistent with your words.

More specifically, you can capture the hearts and minds of your judges when what you say is consistent with what you are doing. For example, do you often mention how much community service means to you...but cannot give a real story about your most recent community service project or event? Do you say you love animals but have never visited a shelter or clinic? You must be consistent with your words and deeds to win the hearts and minds of the judges and to convince them that you are a real girl who lives with her values in mind.

Consider formatting your paperwork to reflect the things that are most important to you. Then go back and make sure you have at least one story or specific detail/experience you can match up with that thing. If you cannot connect the material on your resume to an actual story or experience, you will seem like you just put it in your paperwork to look good. Don't be the girl who can't explain herself or convince the judges that she was actually there doing something.

If you cannot communicate it quickly and connect it to material in your paperwork, it needs to go. To help you win the hearts and minds of the judges, and ultimately the crown, you must not only KNOW your material, but you must also LIVE your material. Judges do not like 'Hypothetical Hillary'...they want to see 'Active Alice'!