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Friday, December 1, 2017

What is a pageant non-compete clause?

A non-compete clause in the pageant world means that you agree to NOT compete elsewhere (in another pageant) until your year as the titleholder is complete.

Many pageants previously had strict non-compete clauses at the state level, but now, many have waived those at the state level and only keep them at the national level.

These clauses are meant to help the pageant. More specifically, if you have agreed to represent a particular pageant for one year, that means that you should be dedicated to doing appearances for them, marketing them on social media, attending events with government officials and people of importance etc...solely for the one pageant. The clause is meant to help girls not have to represent multiple programs/values/crowns/sashes at one time.

Some get grumpy about non-compete clauses because it prevents them from competing for one year. The way I see it: if you so badly wanted the "job" of being the titleholder, you should want to hold that job for the year and only that job. If not, don't compete there.

Worth noting is that some pageants still have these clauses at the state level, but they can be waived with permission of the director. Always inquire about a pageant's competition clause BEFORE agreeing to compete.


  • Ask before competing
  • Read everything you sign
  • Be very clear on the expectations and responsibilities of being a titleholder