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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

PREPARE to win so you can EARN the right to win

“I have so much to do and such little time to do it!”

I cannot tell you HOW frustrated I get when I hear this! Why are you starting so late? Why do you feel so unprepared? What is the core of the problem and how can we fix it?

Here’s some suggestions:

- Commit early.
If you are interested in competing one year out, start preparing ONE YEAR OUT. Even if you have not paid your fees or submitted that headshot yet, if you are interested, start preparing! This includes fitness training, interview prep, gown shopping, alterations etc. Stop going in circles; prepare early so you don’t stress as the pageant gets closer. Then, when you make the final decision to compete, you will avoid rushing and panicking. 

- Seek help early.
Dropping in to see your coach just one week before a pageant is just asking for failure. There is no way a crash course is going to adequately prepare you. And can you imagine all of the girls who have been training hardcore for 6 months and you start practicing 6 or 7 days before? There is just no way you will feel as  confident or calm as that girl who has been preparing for months. It’s just like preparing for a test - preparing often and on a regular schedule will get you a much better score than that one cram session will. Stop waiting - seek the help you need early so you feel as prepared as possible walking across that stage! My honest suggestion is to schedule regular check-ins with your coach, trainer, advisors etc. That way, you are always preparing in some capacity. 

- Constantly resume build. 
Ok, so you have four hours of community service required for your upcoming pageant…and you have one week to do it…? STOP! If you are constantly volunteering and building your resume, there will be no rush! And what if that organization is not available during that week you need them for that letter of verification? Then what?! Also, get involved in your school and local community. If you are passionate about breast cancer awareness, but have never been in touch with your local breast cancer organization, there IS a problem! Stop rushing as you get closer to your pageant - get involved and stay involved. Constantly work on your resume building so you can have enough content and experience to talk about in your interview.

- Be strategic.
If you spend 1 hour per night watching your favorite TV show then that means that you have 1 hour per week to do what you need to do to prepare. The same way you schedule in dinner, social time, TV time etc, you can and MUST schedule in prep time. I'm not saying that you can never have TV time or down time, but just as you put focus on watching your TV show or that time with friends, you can shift your focus if winning means something to you and you will make the time to prepare!

I cannot tell you how many times I hear “I have so much to do and such little time to do it!” Plan. Schedule. Make a chart. Make a table. Create a packing list. Seek help. Do whatever you must to utilize your time wisely to get the results you want and deserve! You must EARN the right to win and there is NO way you will earn it if you do not put the work in it. The judges will not hand it to someone who does not show that they are prepared, confident, and able to handle the job…and again, there is NO way that you are prepared in 7 days as much as someone who has prepared for 7 months. That’s just the truth. 

Start early and prepare to win - EARN the right to win.