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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

5 Things You Must Know ABOUT Your Pageant BEFORE Competing

Competing for a pageant is much like interviewing for a job. So, it is very important to understand certain things about the pageant before agreeing to interview for it. Just like you would research a company before a job interview to learn about it, you should research things about your pageant before competing.

When preparing for interview, most contestants just review common questions...BUT the contestants who take it a step further and truly understand the pageant organization will always be one step ahead.

Here are "5 Things You Must Know About Your Pageant BEFORE Competing":

  • Basic facts: 
    • For example, the full name of the pageant, the motto/slogan of the pageant, the main competition categories, how you fit in this pageant, who the director is, what the prize package AND responsibilities are for winning
  • What they want: your main goal is to convince the judges that you are the best candidate for the job of "titleholder" so you have to understand what they want in a titleholder first to be able to adequately tell them why you are perfect for the job
    • Some pageants send a handbook/notebook/website section detailing particular qualities they are looking for - note those and KNOW how you fit them (and be able to communicate that)
    • Research and understand what former titleholders have done and be explain how you can expand on it
  • The culture: what drives this pageant
    • Research the mission statement and values and be able to articulate how you fit these
    • Take a peek at the rules (they exist for a reason)
      • For example, if there is a "no makeup under 12 rule" it is probably because they value girls being you now know that a low cut gown or super long train on a little one is NOT the best idea
    • Note: the culture is what SELLS a pageant. For example, if talent is highly valued at one pageant and not at another, you can choose to compete or not. To not understand the culture is silly.
  • Recent news:
    • Maybe the pageant changed the age groups, or expanded into a new state, or is currently moving their national MUST know what is going on if you plan to represent the program
    • Note: you can often find such details on social media and on the pageant website
  • Competitors
    • What makes this pageant different than others? Well, why did YOU choose it?
    • Example: many judges have asked Miss America (MAO) contestants how MAO differs from should know this if you are competing in one of these programs
    • To understand the competition is to understand the pageant; you must come into the interview with a solid working knowledge of the pageant you are competing else can you expect to represent it?