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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Getting your nails done?

Thinking about getting your nails done for your upcoming pageant? Absolutely!

Remember that you want a judge's attention to be on your face, not that hot pink nail polish (that is at their eye level).

So in other words, when getting your nails done for a pageant, keep your nail length short and your colors nude or natural - clears, light pinks, light tan etc. Stay away from tips and outrageous colors.

ELF cosmetics sells natural colors for $2 and you can buy these online or at your local Target! And check that Dollar Store, you never know what you can find there!

What you do in your personal life is totally up to you - I'm not asking you to never wear your bright blue nail polish ever again. But when competing in a pageant, you want the attention up at your face and your nails can be very distracting when they are at a judge's eye level.

Just something to consider...


Notice the nice short length and natural, light pink color

Notice the nice short length and natural, light tan color - might be more appropriate for a warmer skin tone

Yes, her nails are a nice length, but can you imagine how distracting this will be in front of a judge's eyes?