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Thursday, March 1, 2018

If You Didn't Win This Year, Would You Come Back Next Year?

Has a judged ever asked you: "if you didn't win this year, would you come back next year?"

If so, you probably automatically thought: "Um, why not just crown me this year so we don't have to find out?" But hopefully you didn't say that! Lol!

Here are something to consider if a judge has asked you this...they may want to know about your:

  • Work ethic
  • Attitude
  • Long term goals
  • Short term goals
Work ethic: are you the type of person who gives up when knocked down? Or do you get back up when you fall down and come back even stronger?

Attitude: Are you the type of person who is a sore loser? Or would you revise your strategy/prep and come back to win it next time?

Long Term Goals: Do you have other goals for yourself next year? Is competing just a one-time thing for you? Where do you see yourself next year?

Short Term Goals: Why now? Why you? Why must you win this year? What makes you the best candidate for the title right now?

POSSIBLE ways to tackle this question:
  • Most definitely! I have loved my experience with this program thus far and I would have the year to work on becoming an even stronger me...
  • Yes, I believe in working hard and setting goals...and I don't give up easily! But I also feel very confident that I am very qualified to win this year because...
  • Yes, but I ready to represent this amazing program, its values, and its mission as a titleholder. I'm also eager to continue empowering young women, as the state titleholder...

So before you get frustrated with your judge, take a moment to think about WHY they are really asking the question (ANY question). They could be digging a little deeper to see what you're really about ;)