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Wednesday, November 1, 2023

5 Body Language Mistakes To Avoid In Pageants

You spend so much time working on the wardrobe and the walking, but are you forgetting about your body language? It deserves some thought too! Here are 5 Body Language Mistakes To Avoid In Pageants:

1. Not making eye contact with your judges: if you ignore them, they will ignore you. Looking around the room makes you look disinterested and like you don't care.

2. Refusing to smile or show some sort of enthusiasm while on stage: unless you are trying to win "Miss Grumpy USA", you need to smile. A smile makes you approachable and happy looking

3. Playing with stuff: don't touch things on the judges table during interview, don't fiddle with your dress, don't pluck at your hair, don't snap your pantyhose. Fidgeting is a clear indication of nervousness.

4. Crossing your arms: don't cross your arms in front of you while standing on stage or during an interview - you will look closed off and unapproachable. This includes clasping your hands in front of you or just blocking your body. Instead, give the appearance of "open" and "approachable".

5. Slouching: the crown will fall off if you slouch or have poor posture and NO ONE wants that! Always stand like you have the crown already on your head! Roll those shoulders back and pretend a string is pulling you upwards.

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