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Monday, January 1, 2018

5 Keys to Last Minute Interview Prep

Some of us do not prepare adequately for a pageant interview. Some of us decide to 'get in the zone' when we arrive at the pageant. While this TERRIFIES me, here are a few things you can do if you ever catch yourself needing some last minute interview prep:

1. Create a wining look: nothing revealing, great quality of fabric, good color, hair combed and sprayed away from your face, makeup on point (depending on your age division)

2. Know the general details about your pageant: the full name, the director, the motto/slogan/values etc

3. Know the general details about yourself/have your main messages ready: you should walk into interview knowing what you would like the judges to know about you. If you want them to know you are an honor roll student, for example, but never mention it, how will you be able to sell yourself to the judges? Don't just go in for a question and answer section, go in with a purpose.

4. Review your resume: know what your highlights (strengths/weaknesses/talents/abilities/experiences) are, know your achievements, understand your goals etc

5. Settle yourself: breathe, drink a bit of water (not too much to make you run to the bathroom during the interview), and review why you want this job/to win prior to walking in the interview room

While I never condone rushed practicing, it happens. Stuff happens. But before you walk into the pageant interview room, if you focus on what the judges must know about you and are confident in what you are saying, you will be much better off than the girl who has not prepared at all.