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Thursday, March 5, 2015

5 things to NEVER say in interview

Thinking about what you could eliminate from your interview? Thinking about your last interview and wishing you did not say something?

Here is BV's Top Five Things to NEVER Say In Interview:

1. Filler words
Such As...

Why? Seriously, why? Do not be so eager to fill the air with a response. Take a moment to think and absorb the question, then respond. What feels like 10 seconds in your mind, is most likely 3-5 seconds for the judge. Relax, breathe, then respond.

Judge: "What is your favorite book?"
You: (smile, breathe) "I really enjoyed reading..."

*note: I inserted a smile here because if it is your "favorite" book, it'll probably make you happy...and if you really enjoyed it, you would smile. A lack of facial expression will make you look like a robot...or zombie.

2. "I Don't Know"
Yes, you do. Think about it. Again - do not be so eager to just fill the air with a response. Take a moment and think. And if you really do not know, politely ask for clarification - maybe the explanation can help you! Just like when you were in the school spelling bee and asked for a word to be used in a sentence so you could better understand...

3. "You know"
Example, "I like Maryland because of its great history, you know?"

No, I don't know. Tell me. Never assume the judge knows something. It is your job to present the whole picture; failure to do so is leaving the judge hanging. Do YOU like to be left hanging?

4. Cultural indicators
"All that and a bag of chips"

What if I don't like chips? No seriously, avoid being too casual with the judges. This is an interview and you are applying for the job of "the titleholder". Treat this interview like a job interview - be professional, avoid slang, and speak with purpose. Also, some cultural indicators can give away where you are from (for example: "ya'll" = Southern); a titleholder is a representative of all people, not just one type of person.

5. Qualifiers
I think, I believe, I feel - we know that you think, you believe, and you feel, you don't need to tell us again. Get right to the point, stop wasting time. While you're at it, try to avoid repeating the question too - the judge has most likely heard herself/himself say that question at least 20 times, why are you repeating it? You're just taking up time that you could be using to answer your question.

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