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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

8 Ways To Reduce Pre-Pageant Stress

Pageant weekend is TOUGH for anyone, but there are a few ways to reduce your stress in the weeks leading up to competition. In fact, here's our TOP 8 Ways to Reduce Pre-Pageant Stress:

1. Read your handbook then make a list of what you will be doing and what you will need
  • Most pageants provide a handbook detailed what competitions you will have, how much tickets are, etc.
  • Make a list of items you will need, including cash on pageant weekend, as soon as you get your handbook so you have a clear picture of what needs to be purchased or done.
  • Inquire directly with your Pageant Director regarding any questions you may have
2. View videos online or ask the director if you could purchase or borrow a DVD from last year 
  • Some videos may also be available online via Youtube
  • While the walking patterns may change every year, you will get to see gown styles, fashion styles etc
3. Pack Early!
  • Create a packing list for travel and for the pageant 
  • Start packing at least two weeks earlier than the pageant weekend so you do not have the last minute stress of shopping
4. Dress rehearsals are helpful!
  • For example, practice walking in your gown, in your gown shoes, with your gown jewelry on! Practice full out too: do the smile, hold the posture etc. The more you practice full out, the more likely you will be able to do it confidently under pressure on stage.
  • Label each outfit, makeup item, etc with your name and then crosscheck it with your packing list as you put it in the suitcase
  • Put your individual outfits in individual garment bags! Then label the bags with what the outfit is for. You could also get some favor bags/organza bags for your jewelry, then attach the jewelry bag to the hanger inside the garment bag (matching the jewelry with the outfit to help reduce stress at the pageant).
5. Practice often!
  • Set aside time EVERY day to work on your pageant competitions. At least 30 minutes each day can be exceptionally helpful...and start practicing at least two months from the pageant weekend date.
  • Practice when you will be performing as well. If you have talent competition at night, practicing in the morning will not be as helpful...your voice does not sound the same in the morning as it does at night.
6. Find a good pageant coach.
  • Find someone to advise you who has won before and has a record of helping his/her clients win at this system.
  • Different coaches are good at different things. Find one who will benefit you and spend at least two months working on perfecting your presentation.
  • This also includes dance coaches, vocal coaches etc, not just a pageant coach. Coaching helps you be at your personal best!
7. Record yourself doing everything and go back to review the video.
  • If you really look, you will notice where you could smile bigger OR hold your posture better etc
  • If you could provide your coach with these videos as well, even better! The more feedback, the better!
  • Review our FREE download, "50 Things Pageant Judges Wish You Knew" (download it and take a peek, you'll be happy you did!):
8. Review your pageant schedule in advance.
  • Go through your schedule and highlight every event you must attend.
  • Note when you have breaks: you need to know when you can eat, when you can rest, when you can change clothes etc.
  • You may need to bring snacks or drinks to the hotel for in between events; just be sure to pack the mints!
  • Many hotels have room service OR maybe your mom can bring you something local to eat during a brief break...plan ahead and let your team/mom/coach etc know the plan so you do not run around hungry/stressed/tired/thirsty etc!

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