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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

How to answer the question, "Why should YOU win this pageant"

During your interview (or on-stage question), you may be faced with the question: "why should YOU win this pageant". There are many ways to answer this question and I want to discuss a few options with you here so you can come up with your best (personalized) response.

The options below depend on your pageant system, so choose an option and see if any of the below fit your system. Note that different systems want different things from their titleholders!

Play along here, let's say you are competing for the title of Miss Nelson River County. While these are NOT complete answers, they should generate some thoughts...

1. You understand that it is a year of service...
While every young woman here this weekend would be a good choice, I am the best choice because my year will not just be about smiling and waving. Instead, it will be a year of service. I plan to be involved with charities and organizations that are already partnered with the Miss Nelson River County organization AND to create partnerships during this year that will last well beyond me to benefit this program.

2. You are a professional...
I'm the best candidate for this job because I am ready to network with other professionals and public officials to help grow our program.

3. You are qualified...
I should win this pageant because all of my experiences have led me to this amazing organization. Whether I was spending hours honing my talent with my vocal instructor, or leading meetings as the Student Government President, or even when I was volunteering at the Nelson River County Community Center over the past 3 years...I am the most qualified candidate for the job because I can use my skills to help grow this organization by approaching new partners, potential contestants, and more...

The best way to answer any question is to prepare - why do you really want to win the pageant? Is something offered to you? Can you offer the system anything? Do you love their mission? Take a moment to really think about why YOU should win above anyone else, because if you do not know why you want to win, you can bet the judges won't know why to put the crown on your head!

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