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Friday, January 1, 2016

What undergarments should I pack?

Imagine getting the comments from the judges at your last pageant and reading "panty lines were distracting" or "needs to choose a different bra" or even, "needs to discover butt glue"!

Ok, while some of those comments may seem a little out of the ordinary, I myself I have thought it recently as a judge! And when I gave it some more thought, I wondered just how many of us have been educated on proper here we go, this is your official "Pageant Undergarments Guide"!

When In Swim Wear, Please Consider:
  • Bra Fillers or Chicken Cutlets
    • You will want the gel filled kind for swimsuit so it appears more natural and feels better in your suit. These cannot be sewn in.
    • You can get the sew in kind as well (non-gel filled), but these may feel a little odd
    • Note: "pageant quality" swimsuits are usually well-lined and this means that they can be a bit thicker, so they hide some of your assets. Do not be afraid to enhance your figure (tastefully) with these cutlets.
  • Butt glue/adhesive spray
    • Ok, this is not an undergarment, but many find it to be a swimwear necessity. You put your swim bottoms on and then lift up the "cheeks" part. Spray your skin/cheek and wait a few seconds so the spray is sticky. Then lay the swimsuit fabric as smoothly as possible onto the cheek, exactly where you want it to sit. It will stick where you place it.
    • I highly advise doing both cheeks at the same time.
    • You'll also need baby wipes to wipe off the stickiness after you take it off - you don't want to stick to your other garments.
    • Make sure to get an actual body adhesive glue and test it before pageant weekend - during the competition weekend is not the time to find out that you are allergic to the adhesive or that it rips your skin when pulling the swimsuit off!
  • Shoes: ok, again, NOT an undergarment, but you will want nude strapped shoes. 
    • Most popular shoe on the market now: Tippy Tops by Chinese Laundry, nude
    • Second most popular: Jonathan Kayne Savannah Heels
    • The most experienced contestants have either one of these. Nude heels elongate your legs and colors will shorten it. You are looking for minimal straps and a great heel.
When In Evening Wear/Modeling:

When In Interview
  • The right bra
    • You may be wearing a halter dress or a cap sleeve or whatever! Choose the right bra for your outfit (this includes color).
  • Slip
  • Pantyhose
    • Now this really depends on your pageant system. Some like pantyhose and some do not. If you do need to wear pantyhose, make sure it is skin-colored/nude! And no, not everyone is the same shade of "nude"! If your skin is a warm brown and you show up wearing white pantyhose, you will look out of style and well, a bit ridiculous!

Hope this helps! Please share this "Pageant Undergarments Guide" post AND comment below with your thoughts =) 


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