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Friday, September 18, 2015

What 5 Summer Pageants Taught Me

I'm writing this blog post as we round out the craziest summer that we've ever had at BV; 5 pageants in 3 months can take a toll on you! But, hey, I walked away with my own national title and BV girls walked away with countless awards, states titles, and international awards. We did well! But I have to stay that I have learned a lot this here are a few things I would like to remind you of, just so you don't embarrass yourself...<3 beware: honesty below.

1. If hair and makeup by professionals is allowed, it is allowed because they want girls to look good and look like the total package. Don't get it twisted: get the professional to help create your total look. And if you don't like how it is done, nicely say something...wiping it off secretly or leaving early to change it is just disrespectful when it could have been made to your liking. They are professionals for a reason.

2. The evening gown/formal wear competition is not about the cost of the gown, but trust that you don't want things to look like you didn't care. You will represent this pageant organization for a period of one year if you win, you will be in their marketing and on their website, people will watch the dvd just to spot you - you must look good! Don't skimp on the clothing...just don't. It will more than obvious on stage when you stand next to your competitors. Look like you are ready for the marketing (magazines, posters, cards etc). 

3. Practice doesn't stop when you get to the pageant. Those who practice in the hotel hallways or stairways are those with serious determination and it will show on stage. Pageant week is not the time to catch up on sleep, go partying with sister queens, or time to get an attitude. If you are there to win, show it - work hard all week til that crown is on your head. Wasted time is wasted time. And please, leave your attitudes for your house - the extra drama is not needed.

4. For heavens sake, don't forget your manners and please remind your families have them too. Why in the world are you pushing people, talking about others, or bullying someone? Focus on yourself! Time you spend talking about someone else, you could be focused on yourself. Let me say this: you are not at the pageant to make friends...I mean, it is much more likely that you are there to win, right? Then stay focused. And tell that to your families too! The amount of time spent on drama this summer was ridiculous - focus on the win, not the Sour Susies who want to ruin your experience. Be a Positive Patty - it will show when it matters, always. 

5. Pack with intent. It never fails that you forget something, so start planning weeks in advance so when things pop up in your mind, you can add them to your kit. And think about you - no one knows you better than yourself. If you know that sometimes you get allergy attacks or sweat profusely during interview - plan ahead. Also, always have your talent tracks on a backup CD/in email/ipod. Again, think ahead and pack with intent. 

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