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Thursday, May 2, 2013

What makes you comfy?

When competing to become Miss Maryland, we would spend an entire week at the pageant host hotel with a roommate. For two years, I suffered with high pillows, being cold because my roommate like the air on etc. Lesson learned: pack your comforts.

Yes, you bet I packed my pillow and extra socks the next two years. I could sleep better and was more comfortable all week because I didn't leave my comforts at home.

What makes you comfy? When you are comfy, you feel better - why not feel your best during pageant weekend? Think ahead!

Of course I'm not saying to pack everything but the kitchen sink, but what makes you feel more comfortable? More you? Your fave PJs? Your stuffed animal? Pack it. Be comfy so you can enjoy your experience more - and be more well-rested and ready to tackle the competition!