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Friday, September 21, 2012

Just Jump Out of the Car?

When offering my pageant coaching services to contestants, I often hear, "Oh I only need to work on interview...nothing else". Really? Seriously? Contestants need to be the complete package - there is no harm in brushing up all of your skills.

And even worse, please don't tell me, "I already have a coach for the other stuff". Really? Seriously? Everyone you chat with will have something new to offer! What if I told you a tip that your coach had never thought of? Wouldn't you be better off knowing even more? Just a thought...

My main point is that no matter if you have a coach or you do not, you need to practice everything when preparing for a pageant. Daily. Twice a day, if possible. This includes all speaking portions of competition, walking, fitness, etc. Everything. Practice like a pro.

Two quick points about pageant/life preparation:

1. You need to look like you don't need practice: look like a pro.
Some people say that you need to look like you didn't even prepare, like you were born ready. Well, if you did not prepare, you would stumble over words, trip in your new shoes, have the wrong wardrobe etc. So let's rephrase what some people have you told you - you need to look like a pro and that will come from constant practice and preparation.

2. Practice hard enough that things come easier to you
Prior to Miss Maryland, I would practice my talent, yes. But part of my trick for looking like I could do it in my sleep was constantly listening to the track and going through the motions. After my talent performance on finale night this year, I walked off stage saying..."did I just do my talent"? It came with such ease and brought such happiness that I was in a state of bliss versus remorse for not practicing. And everyone told me I looked like I was having the time of my life - yes, I was! Because I had run through the music (via Ipod attached to my body) every waking moment for the previous few weeks, the motions came to my mind and body easier and I did not have the look of "what's coming next?" when dancing. Think of that before your next interview or gown walk or fitness routine...practice to look like a pro.

The more often you work at that speech or remembering the routine or nailing that full turn in your swimsuit walk, the easier it will come to you. However, I must add that PROPER  preparation prevents poor performance - this means, do things "full out" or don't do them at all. Practice your interview in your suit, shoes, and nylons...practice your gown walk in your heels and gown on a stage-like floor etc. Do not do things half have heard the phrase "practice makes perfect", right? Well, that's wrong..."proper practice makes perfect" it right or do not bother.

Let's make this simple: You are driving to the beach one day and you have packed all of your beach attire, necessities etc. into the car. However, while driving to the beach with your friends, you heard on the radio that there is a full marathon (26.5 miles) at the next you decide to take the exit, jump out the car, and enter the race with plans to win the whole thing!

Um, no.

It doesn't happen that way my friends. You cannot jump out of the car and expect to win. You have to prepare properly for all phases of the competition that will come at you. PROPER preparation will prevent poor performance...and will help you look and feel like a pro on-stage! So do what you have to do to prepare properly... and let me know if you need any help along the way... <3


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