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Thursday, January 12, 2012

BV Group Tele-Classes

Over the past few months, we've realized that we're only reaching a specific area of girls with our services, but we want to reach all of you! Many of you on our email list, on our facebook page, or reading this blog want to work with BV, but can't make the trip to the workshops, events, in-studio sessions etc. Well, your concerns are over!

Starting this month, BV will begin offering group tele-classes! 

*What is a group tele-class?
A group tele-class will be a one-hour conference call hosted by Victory, once a month. The call will include a mini-lecture (for roughly 20-30 minutes) and then 20-30 minutes for Q&A. The group calls will be like a class or session with Victory, in group/workshop format, with the opportunity to ask whatever you want, from the comfort of your home!

A VERY LIMITED NUMBER OF GIRLS WILL BE TAKEN PER SESSION. Sessions will be held in six-month groupings; we want to ensure that you receive a superb “education”!

There are a variety of topics to cover with your group, including the normal pageant topics and deeper discussions for self-confidence and inner development. We'll explore the worlds of pageantry, modeling, and never know who might stop by on the phone call to answer questions! ;) Sometimes, you’ll even have downloadable worksheets to help you along the way – proof of your “education”!

*What is the point of this?
There are many girls around the nation who are connecting with BV, but cannot travel as often for sessions or workshops. BV wants to reach out to those girls to ensure they too are getting the help they need to be victorious! To ensure that we are reaching BV girls everywhere, these group tele-classes will cover the main pageant topics, plus:
  • surround you with other girls facing the same questions,
  • coach/prep you, at a cheaper rate than the in-studio session,
  • improve your interpersonal skills (listening, critical thinking, questioning etc),
  • and more!
*The Advantages of the Group Tele-classes:
  • No driving or flying! Call with your PJs on and from the comfort of your home!
  • Less "on the spot" work than a studio or skype session
  • Peer learning
  • Inner development and more!
*Who is this for?
Those BV girls who:
  • want coaching or consulting, but can't make the trip on a regular basis,
  • are local girls who can attend sessions often, but just want another outlet to help them succeed,
  • have the desire to succeed and grow this year,
  • want to contribute as well as evolve,
  • want to reach or exceed their goals,
  • want to explore specific topics and diverse views,
  • are willing to keep matters private, when needed.
The group tele-classes will have robust opportunities for conversation and real understanding of subject matters, sometimes even beyond the typical pageant topics of interview, evening gown, and personal introduction.

The group tele-classes really are for every girl who wants to grow and be victorious this year. The classes will go beyond typical pageant material and bring you current events, self-confidence building, and much more. Enough cannot be said about the classes – you do not want to miss out on this opportunity to work directly with Victory and the BV team!

*Ok, what next?
1.     Send any questions or concerns you may have directly to Victory at
2.     Register online:
·      A commitment of at least 3 months required upon registration; this means you must pay at least half the rate of the 6-month session to reserve your spot – a very small number of girls will be taken each session!
·      Upon registration and confirmation of payment, you will receive all the information you need for your group classes!
3.     Call in for your first group tele-class - Thursday, January 26th, 7-8pm

This six-month session is worth over $2,300.00!

However, BV will offer this six-month session for ONLY $240.00!

That’s less than 6 in-studio sessions! Plus, think of how much you’ll save on gas or airfare!

Your deposit of $120.00 is required by Monday, Jan 23, 2012 to reserve your spot among the select group of lucky young ladies!

And yes, you'll receive a few fun gifts when you complete the 6-month session, but heads up, no two 6-month sessions will be alike! There is always new information in this industry and we want to keep you up on it!

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